Twitch Turbo Price Increase: What You Need to Know About the Latest Changes


Twitch Turbo Price Increase: What You Need to Know

In recent news, Twitch, the popular live streaming platform, has announced a price increase for its monthly subscription service called Twitch Turbo. Twitch Turbo offers subscribers benefits such as ad removal, additional emoticons, and more, enhancing the overall streaming experience. The price hike affects users in the United States and several other countries. Let’s delve deeper into this topic to understand the implications and user reactions.


Twitch has become a go-to platform for gamers, content creators, and viewers worldwide, fostering an interactive and engaging community. To enhance the user experience, Twitch introduced Twitch Turbo, a monthly subscription service that provides several perks to its subscribers. However, recent news reveals that Twitch Turbo will undergo a price increase.

Twitch Turbo: An Overview

  • Twitch Turbo is a premium subscription that allows users to enjoy their favorite streams without interruptions from ads.
  • Subscribers gain access to exclusive emoticons and other benefits that enrich their Twitch experience.

Twitch Turbo Price Increase Announcement

Twitch users were taken by surprise when the platform sent out emails on Thursday, notifying them about the impending price increase for Twitch Turbo. In the United States, the monthly subscription cost will rise from $8.99 to $11.99. Detailed pricing information for other countries can be found in the support article on Twitch’s official website. It’s worth noting that there are no feature changes accompanying the price adjustments.

User Reactions to the Price Hike

  • On the r/Twitch subreddit, a thread quickly filled with complaints as subscribers expressed their dissatisfaction.
  • Discontent was also echoed on Twitter, although some users seem resigned to continue paying for the service despite the higher cost.

Potential Reasons for the Price Increase

  • The decision to raise the price of Twitch Turbo comes at a time when the platform is undergoing significant changes.
  • With the recent appointment of a new CEO and job cuts within Twitch and its parent company, Amazon, it seems that Twitch is exploring avenues to increase revenue.
  • While the price adjustment was not accompanied by new features, Twitch hinted at upcoming improvements for Turbo, promising a better and more relevant experience for its community in the coming months.

Twitch’s Future Plans for Turbo

  • Twitch’s long-term strategy for Twitch Turbo remains unclear.
  • However, the platform’s statement about forthcoming updates suggests that they have further enhancements in store.
  • By investing in Turbo’s development, Twitch aims to provide additional value to its subscribers, ensuring that the premium service evolves in line with the needs and preferences of its user base.

Price Decrease in Certain Regions

  • Interestingly, while some users face an increase in the subscription price, others have witnessed a decrease.
  • For those residing in regions where the price has gone down, Twitch advises canceling the current subscription and resubscribing at the lower rate.
  • This enables users to take advantage of the reduced cost and continue enjoying the benefits of Twitch Turbo.

Instructions for Subscribers in Lower-Priced Regions

  • Twitch has provided instructions for subscribers in regions where the price of Twitch Turbo has decreased.
  • To avail themselves of the lower price, subscribers are required to cancel their existing subscription and subsequently resubscribe.
  • By following this process, users can ensure that they benefit from the reduced rate and make the most of their Twitch Turbo experience.


In conclusion, Twitch’s decision to raise the price of Twitch Turbo has sparked mixed reactions among its user base. While some express disappointment and frustration, others understand the platform’s need to explore revenue opportunities. As Twitch moves forward under new leadership and plans for future updates to Turbo, it remains to be seen how subscribers will adapt to the price increase and whether the promised improvements will justify the higher cost.


  1. Can I continue using Twitch Turbo without accepting the new prices?
    • No, if you choose not to renew your subscription within the next three months, your Turbo subscription will stop renewing on August 31st.
  2. Will my benefits extend into September if I don’t renew within the next three months?
    • Depending on your subscription renewal date, your benefits may extend into September even if you don’t renew within the next three months.
  3. Why did Twitch decide to increase the price of Twitch Turbo?
    • Twitch’s price increase for Turbo is likely driven by the company’s desire to generate additional revenue amidst recent changes and job cuts.
  4. Will Twitch Turbo receive any new features alongside the price increase?
    • Twitch did not introduce new features in conjunction with the price increase announcement.
    • However, they hinted at upcoming updates that will enhance the Turbo experience.
  5. How can I take advantage of the lower price for Twitch Turbo if I live in a region where it has decreased?
    • To benefit from the lower price, users in regions with decreased subscription costs should cancel their current subscription and resubscribe at the lower rate.

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