“Highlights from Microsoft Build 2023: 5 Major Announcements”

Microsoft Build: Unveiling the AI Revolution

Microsoft Build has commenced, showcasing an AI-centric event where the tech giant unveils its plans for expanding AI integration across various platforms. From Windows 11 to Microsoft 365, here’s a roundup of the biggest announcements from the event:

Windows 11 Welcomes AI Copilot

Microsoft introduces its AI personal assistant, Copilot, to Windows 11, an assistant already integrated into Edge, Office apps, and GitHub. In Windows 11, Copilot resides within the taskbar, offering a sidebar for text summarization, rewriting, and text explanation in any app. Additionally, users can adjust computer settings through Copilot. Public testing of this feature will commence next month before a broader rollout.

  • Copilot, the AI personal assistant, now available in Windows 11.
  • Taskbar integration for easy access to Copilot features.
  • Text summarization, rewriting, and explanation capabilities.
  • Adjust computer settings conveniently.

Windows 11 Enhancements

Windows 11 brings forth several smaller updates, enhancing the user experience and functionality:

  • Support for Bluetooth LE, enabling high-quality audio without draining device battery life.
  • Expanded language support with 10 new languages and dialects for live captions.
  • Native RGB controls embedded within Windows 11.

Microsoft 365 Copilot Embraces Plug-Ins

Exciting news regarding Microsoft 365 Copilot as it embraces the addition of plug-ins. The AI assistant now supports three main plug-in types: Teams messages extensions, Power Platform connectors, and ChatGPT technology-based tools. Users can choose from a wide range of third-party plug-ins, including those from Atlassian and Adobe.

  • Microsoft 365 Copilot introduces plug-in support.
  • Plug-in types include Teams messages extensions, Power Platform connectors, and ChatGPT tools.
  • Compatibility across AI-powered tools for seamless plug-in usage.
  • Easier plug-in development for developers.

365 Copilot Integration in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft extends the capabilities of 365 Copilot to Microsoft Edge, enabling efficient collaboration between the browser and Microsoft 365 apps like Outlook, Word, and Excel. Utilizing the content on a viewed site, the tool assists in drafting emails, adding data to spreadsheets, generating status updates from chat threads, and more. The integration also supports the aforementioned plug-ins for 365 Copilot.

  • Seamless integration of 365 Copilot within Microsoft Edge.
  • Utilize site content for enhanced productivity in Microsoft 365 apps.
  • Draft emails, add data to spreadsheets, generate status updates, and more.
  • Plug-in support for enhanced functionality.

Windows Terminal: AI-Driven Enhancements

Windows Terminal receives a boost with an AI-powered chatbot integration through GitHub Copilot. Developers utilizing GitHub Copilot can now leverage the chatbot within Terminal to perform various actions, receive code recommendations, and gain insights into errors. Microsoft also explores the possibility of bringing GitHub Copilot to other developer tools such as WinDBG.

  • Windows Terminal enriched with an AI-powered chatbot via GitHub Copilot integration.
  • Developers empowered with actions, code recommendations, and error explanations.
  • New Dev Home dashboard simplifies setup and usage of Windows dev machines.
  • AI-generated app review summaries and AI Hub spotlighting AI-based Windows apps.

Bing: Enhanced Search Experience with ChatGPT

With Microsoft’s significant investment in OpenAI, Bing becomes the default search engine in ChatGPT, the popular chatbot. ChatGPT Plus users will now benefit from Bing’s surfaced citations appended to the chatbot’s responses. Microsoft expands Bing’s plug-in support, including notable additions from Expedia, Instacart, Kayak, Klarna, Redfin, TripAdvisor, Zillow, and more.

  • Bing becomes the default search engine in ChatGPT.
  • Bing citations now appended to ChatGPT Plus users’ responses.
  • Expanded plug-in support from various popular services.
  • Enhanced search experience and increased functionality.

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