Google’s Magic Compose: AI-Powered Messaging Assistance


Google Introduces Magic Compose: AI-Powered Text Message Assistance

Google has recently launched the beta version of Magic Compose, an innovative feature within its Messages app that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to help users compose text messages more effectively. However, it’s important to note that this feature comes with a significant caveat that has raised concerns. Magic Compose sends up to “20 previous messages” to Google’s servers in order to generate suggestions, even when using end-to-end encryption (E2EE) through RCS.

Conditions for Magic Compose

  • Previous messages, including emojis, reactions, and URLs, are sent to Google’s servers to assist its AI in crafting suitable response suggestions.
  • Messages with attachments, voice messages, and images are not sent.
  • Image captions and voice transcriptions may be transmitted to aid in generating accurate suggestions.

End-to-End Encryption and Privacy

Google implemented end-to-end encryption in its Messages app in 2020, ensuring enhanced privacy and security for users. This feature was later extended to include group chats as well. When E2EE is enabled, not even Google has access to the content of your messages. While Magic Compose with E2EE does send messages to Google’s servers, the company maintains that it is unable to read them.

Data Retention and User Privacy

  • Conversation data used by Magic Compose is not retained.
  • Suggested response outputs are not stored once they have been provided to the user.
  • Users can turn off Magic Compose to prevent their messages from being sent to Google’s servers.

Magic Compose and AI-Powered Features

Magic Compose is just one of the many AI-powered features that Google unveiled during its recent I/O event. With Magic Compose, users can respond to text messages by choosing from stylized, suggested responses that are contextually relevant to their conversations. This feature is currently being rolled out to users participating in the Google Messages beta program.

Utilizing Magic Compose

  • Users will notice a chat bubble next to the message composer in the Google Messages app.
  • By selecting a suggested response, users can kickstart their message composition process.
  • Users can further customize the text using preset styles, such as “chill,” “excited,” or “Shakespeare.”
  • Magic Compose primarily supports RCS messages, while support for SMS/MMS is yet to be confirmed.

Similar Features by Microsoft

In a similar vein, Microsoft has introduced a feature in its keyboard app, SwiftKey, that harnesses AI capabilities. Users can utilize the Bing icon within the app’s toolbar to compose text messages and emails. They also have the flexibility to modify the tone, format, and length of the suggested messages, adding a personal touch to the automated suggestions provided by the AI-powered feature.


Google’s introduction of Magic Compose presents users with an intriguing AI-driven solution for enhancing their text messaging experience. While concerns exist regarding data transmission to Google’s servers, the company assures users that their privacy is protected. By combining the power of AI with user customization, Magic Compose and similar features are transforming the way we communicate in the digital realm.


  1. Does Magic Compose compromise user privacy? Despite sending messages to Google’s servers, Magic Compose does not compromise user privacy. Google assures users that their messages remain secure and unreadable by the company.
  2. Can I turn off Magic Compose to prevent my messages from being sent to Google’s servers? Yes, users have the option to disable Magic Compose, ensuring that their messages are not transmitted to Google’s servers.
  3. What other AI-powered features did Google unveil during its I/O event? Google showcased various AI-powered features during its I/O event, each designed to enhance user experiences across its range of services and applications.
  4. When will Magic Compose be available to all users? Currently, Magic Compose is being rolled out to users participating in the Google Messages beta program. The timeline for a wider release has not been specified.
  5. Is Magic Compose available for SMS and MMS messages? As of now, Magic Compose primarily supports RCS messages. Google has not provided information on whether it will extend support to SMS and MMS in the future.

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