Personalize Your Feed: Bluesky Introduces Custom Algorithmic Feeds


Revolutionizing Social Media Feeds: Bluesky Introduces Custom Algorithms

Bluesky, a Twitter alternative, has unveiled a groundbreaking feature called “custom feeds.” These feeds utilize custom algorithms to curate and showcase posts that differ from the content typically found in the platform’s main “What’s Hot” feed.

  • Custom Feeds: Tailoring Your Social Media Experience
    • Bluesky’s custom feeds function similarly to Twitter lists, allowing users to subscribe to feeds that cater to specific interests.
    • Users can pin these custom feeds, which appear as separate tabs at the top of their timeline.
    • The new “My Feeds” menu in the app’s sidebar allows users to select and prioritize their preferred feeds.
  • Diverse Feeds at Your Fingertips
    • The default “My Feeds” tab includes feeds such as “What’s Hot” (showcasing top trending content), “What’s Hot Classic” (providing the original What’s Hot experience), “Bluesky Team” (featuring posts from Bluesky Team members), and “Popular With Friends” (a mix of popular content from followed accounts and liked content).
    • Users can also explore and discover new feeds within the “My Feeds” section.
  • Empowering Users with Algorithmic Choice
    • Bluesky aims to give users control over their social media experience.
    • By providing a variety of custom feeds, the platform challenges the dominance of a single company’s “master algorithm” and creates an open marketplace of algorithms.
    • Users can curate their feeds based on their preferences and interests.
  • Positive User Feedback
    • Early users have responded positively to the implementation of custom feeds.
    • The ability to customize algorithmic content delivery offers a sense of control in a world where certain posts can dominate platforms.
    • Some users may opt to exclusively follow the reverse chronological timeline of posts from people they follow, minimizing distractions and enhancing their desired experience.

Bluesky CEO Jay Graber emphasizes the platform’s vision for algorithmic choice and empowering users to shape their social media encounters. The introduction of custom feeds aligns with their goal of creating a future where individuals have control over what they see on social media.

To access custom feeds, users must have an invite to Bluesky, which is currently an invite-only platform. The feature is available on the latest version of the mobile apps and the Bluesky web client, accessible at

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