Final Approval for $50M Settlement Over Apple’s Butterfly Keyboard : A Victory for MacBook Users

Apple Butterfly Keyboard


  • Final approval for a $50 million settlement over Apple’s butterfly keyboard design.
  • Lawsuit surrounding the faulty keyboard design in Apple laptops.
  • Keys failing or sticking due to debris accumulation.

Background of the Lawsuit

  • Lawsuit resulted from widespread issues with Apple’s butterfly keyboard design.
  • Keys malfunctioning or becoming sticky.
  • Casey Johnston’s article in The Outline highlighted the frustration of users.

Apple’s Attempts to Address the Issue

  • Multiple iterations of the keyboard design.
  • Persistence of the problem until the release of the 16-inch MacBook Pro and the redesigned 13-inch MacBook Pro.
  • Replacement of the butterfly mechanism with the scissor switch design.

The $50 Million Settlement

  • Final approval by US District Court Judge Edward Davila.
  • 86,000 individuals filed claims, providing a figure for the number of affected users.
  • Compensation for repair costs, up to $395.
  • No admission of wrongdoing required from Apple.

Challenges to the Settlement

  • Six objectors raised concerns about fairness to MacBook owners who didn’t repair their keyboards and the adequacy of the offered reimbursement.
  • Judge Davila dismissed the objections, emphasizing the insufficiency of wanting more money as a reason to deny approval.


  • The $50 million settlement marks a significant step in addressing the grievances of affected MacBook users.
  • Compensation for those who filed verifiable claims before the March deadline.
  • Apple’s acknowledgment and resolution of the keyboard issues demonstrate a commitment to user satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How did the butterfly keyboard design affect Apple laptop users?
    • Keys would fail or become sticky due to debris, causing inconvenience.
  2. Did Apple attempt to address the keyboard issues?
    • Yes, subsequent models featured an improved scissor switch design.
  3. How many people filed claims in the lawsuit?
    • Approximately 86,000 individuals filed claims seeking compensation.
  4. Does the $50 million settlement involve Apple admitting wrongdoing?
    • No, the settlement does not include an admission of wrongdoing.
  5. Can MacBook owners who never repaired their keyboards receive compensation?
    • No, only those who filed verifiable claims are eligible for compensation.

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